When to apply?

Analyze any process and system with Process X-ray and get insights into your processes with process mining as-a-service.

Is your organization looking for ways to improve quality, reduce costs, increase productivity or enhance security and controls? Are there significant differences in the efficiency of back-office processes between different parts of the organization? Then Process X-ray can prove its value. It gives a thorough understanding of how processes are actually executed, enabling you to quickly optimize them.

Analyze any process and system

Every process and system can be analyzed with Process X-ray. Accelerators are available for most major processes and systems to extract the data and run pre-defined analyses in days rather than months. Even data from custom processes and systems can be prepared for analysis in Process X-ray fast.

Any system

  • SAP Ariba
  • SAP Concur

  • Oracle
  • SalesForce
  • ServiceNow
  • And more..

Any process

  • Purchase to pay
  • Order to cash
  • Fixed assets
  • Service management
  • Master data workflows

  • Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Goods movement
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • And more..


Process Health Scan

Get insights in process efficiency, harmonization, control and working capital.

  • Workshop to discuss fact-based insights
  • Determine the "health" of your process
  • Report & data downloads for follow-up

Use cases

Internal audits

Using Process X-ray enables Data Driven Audits. Go from interviews and opinions to fact based discussions by looking at 100% of transactional data.

  • Focus on the highest risk areas
  • Fact-based discussion on the why and how to resolve the problems at hand
  • Identify system design flaws
  • Find high-risk manual workarounds

Financial audits

The more complete, the more accurate, the more reliable. Instead of working with opinions and samples Process X-ray uses solid data and provides insight into full reality. That really adds value to a financial audit. This way, you can truly understand the reliability of each process, knowing all variations and tracking all money flows. You have full insight into how amounts have been established, whether they are booked correctly, and whether everything is accounted for. The knowledge that you don't overlook anything, gives you true peace of mind.

Process optimisation

A thorough understanding of how work is actually done is of great value in achieving quality improvements, cost reductions or a more flexible operation. Once you truly understand your operation, you can lift the processes to higher standards, meeting the desired requirements. Process X-ray paves the road by offering a complete end-to-end overview on your operational processes and pinpointing chances for improvement. It keeps you focused at all times and ensures that actions taken contribute to achieving your goals.


Ease transitions to SAP S/4HANA significantly:

  • Before implementation, build a fact-based business case and get in-depth understanding of the correct degree of process standardization
  • During roll-out, identify areas for improvement and training to accelerate roll-out to your entire company
  • After implementation, identify bottlenecks & risks and demonstrate the realized value based on data-driven facts

Showcase process

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Process X-ray leverages SAP Extended Warehouse Management to deliver full insight in your actual warehouse processes, based on 100% of the facts.

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Enhance internal control & spot risks

Using process mining for internal control comes with specific challenges, Process X-ray was built for this.

“Impressive how fast and accurate Process X-ray identified unnecessary work, allowing us to deliver tangible results instantly.”

What would you like to discover?

Identify process variability between organisational units.

Understand hand-offs between departments and users.

Uncover supplier and customer behavioral insights and their impact on the process execution.

Analyse throughput times and causes of long conversion cycles.

Identify process control deficiencies and segregation of duty violations.

Reveal waste and interruptions in the process.

Understand policy compliance.

Dig into individual user behavior.

How is process mining different?


100% fact-based

One version of the truth to create a shared understanding and drive collaboration throughout the enterprise.


Root cause analysis

Insight into the reasons behind company performance.


End-to-end view

Turn silos into an end-to-end process: no sub-optimisation.


Internal best-practice

See your internal best practices, then rally the organisation around them.


Pinpoint issues

Determine if something is pervasive at the enterprise level as opposed to line of business or geography bound.



Get all the insights while your people carry on with their work and without impact on IT.


Process X-ray optimises reorganisation

An international oil company reduced its ERP systems from more than a hundred to fewer than fifteen, and standardised many processes. They expected to save millions of euros, but that was not the result. Process X-ray pinpointed what they had overlooked, after which they realised the savings they had been hoping for.


Process X-ray makes complex order-to-cash process run more smoothly

A large global manufacturing company experienced fair to middling performance on their order-to-cash process. Using Process X-ray we discovered more than 50,000 variations of that process. And we localised three root causes of unnecessary interruptions and rework. Simplifying and improving their process substantially.

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Erik van Toor

Business Owner Process X-ray +31 (0)6 5204 8624 EvanToor@Deloitte.nl linkedin.com/in/erik-van-toor



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