Combining technology with expertise

“Deloitte’s technology gives us a truly complete overview of back-office processes, discovering over 50,000 varieties.”

Optimizing and auditing your business is our expertise, as it has been for more than 175 years. Precisely for that reason, we’ve been deeply immersed in technology for years. That helps you and us understand reality even better, based accurately on hard facts. This sometimes results in unexpected – but always enlightening – insights, which we use to help you fine-tune your business. And that is exactly what you should expect from us.

Growing complexity

Today, organizations are facing suddenly emerging and disappearing markets, growing global and local competition, and higher customer expectations. We all need to adapt, innovate and reorganize. The required transformation affects systems, ingrained operational processes and –difficult to understand behavior patterns. How do you get a grip on that? Data is the promised solution. But for many, this is also a problem in itself: the abundance of data just keeps growing. And how to use the data in the context of your business processes? It’s not so easy to derive game-changing insights from this complex mishmash.


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The challenge

Organisations are consistently dealing with pressures and change. While core priorities stay the same


Process mining can bring enormous benefits. Reduce costs, improve quality, shorten timelines, reduce risk and all of this 100% fact based. A good process mining platform helps us all to control large amounts of data, derive valuable insights from it and truly transform your operational processes. Over the past years, our consultants and auditors have relied on Process X-ray countless times to improve analyses and advice. With its thorough representation of reality and its high degree of detail, our clients find the added value extraordinary. Process X-ray is a game changer.

“I rely on hard facts to map out the actual operational processes. And use that as a starting point for interviews and workshops.”

The strength of Deloitte

Deloitte has tremendous experience in analyzing operational processes and optimizing them. Just like you, our consultants and auditors experience the complexity at first hand. We know better than anyone how important it is to have a comprehensive overall picture, with all the factors and peripheral aspects involved. Not to rely on opinions, but rather on hard facts. Precisely thanks to those kinds of practice-oriented insights, Deloitte develops powerful tools that can truly transform your day-to-day practice.

Get value from your business processes and systems

A good process mining platform gives you the power to discover how your processes and systems really work. It enables you to quickly identify and remove unnecessary actions, or discover internal best practices and apply them more widely. This is of great value in process optimizations, internal and external audits, before and after system implementations. With Process X-ray you change the game.

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The strength of Deloitte

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